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The "Looper" pine

This Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) was collected during the spring 2013 and planted in to the wooden box. The large grain mixture of pumice and akadma was used as a growing medium. This tree responded very well and start to grow nicely even during the first season after collecting process.

Collected pine during the summer 2013

Pine gained a lot of strenght and vigour after two years of free growth and heavy fertilizing ( cakes + liquid fertilizers ) in the wooden box, and has been repoted in to the bigger bonsai pot during the spring 2015.

Pine in the first bonsai pot during the spring 2015, no styling has been made yet.

During the late summer 2016 the first styling and major bends was done. There are no pictures from this process unfortunately....

The main idea was to compact the entire tree and find some solution for two trunks which leads to oposite sides as a mountain goats horns. Notice that the higher trunk was in horizontal and overhanging position. You can see the result of the very first raw styling in next pixture, but two years later in winter 2018. Pine produced a lot of new foliage and branches and now is ready for a next step.

Pine after the first raw structure setting and two years of free growth, winter 2018

Two years of free growth after the first styling established well the main structure and tree recovered fully from this operation. It was really vigrous and ready for next styling. No needle plucking, pinching or foliage reduction was done during a period of 2016 -2018.

A really strong "solar panels"

I really love to work with strong and well established trees, you can work without any compromise and trees recover from the styling fast and this speed up the whole process of development from a row stock to a fine refined tree. No worries with the overgrown branches and too strong shoots. This is not a bonsai yet, it is a tree in the training phase, needs to bulid up the rootball, strenght, right branches and main structure.

Portion of a dead stump after the branch removal during the first styling in 2015 was turned to a dead wood now.

Pine during the second build up of the main structure in winter 2018

Portion of the lower trunk was compacted significantly and some branches has been removed to create much more compact image. No Raffia was needed, just with the steel guide wires was possible to bring the main branches to the right positions.

section of the lower trunk with fine adjusted small foliage pads.

Piece of a new shari was added to this portion to the trunk and it will extend in the future, as well as the dead wood on the right side will be improved.

New part of a shari has been aded to this portion of the trunk

This hanging branch create a middle section of the tree and helps to visualy connect the lower trunk with the higher one.

Part of the middle section created from hanging brunch origins from an unusual place of the trunk.

Apex of the higher trunk, small foliage pads has been adjusted as well and part of the long and straight branch has been removed to get more compacted and complex image. Notice the sharp natural elbows on this t trunk was fully exposed to the wiever and a bit straight and noninteresting part of the upper portion of the trunk was covered with the important branch on the left side.

Here is the final image of this tree. It is still in the development and need to mature and get the refined look, but the structure is much more improved and with the fine wired and adjusted small foliage pads is already possible to see the deign idea.

Fully wired and adjuseted tree.

Next step will be to inspect and work with the rootball during the spring time 2019.

Any suggestion for a future pot? I have already several ideas.

Thanks for reading and fell free to comment and share!

Cheers Jan

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