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How to secure the stone into the pot?

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

Hey everybody! First 2019 year article is here. Hope It will be a great year for all of us!

If you decide to create a rock planting where the roots from the trees will reach the bottom of the soil and continue to grow inside the pot, you will need to think about how to secure the stone to the pot to make the entire composition useable and possible to carry, transport to the show, etc.

The stones from our production are specially designed for this type of use - they have the flat and stable base which helps to support the composition and make much easier to attach the stones to the pot, even in cases of very dynamic and asymmetrical compositions.

I would strongly recommend creating the entire composition first and that latter choose the right pot which will fit and enhance the rock planting. Take your time If you are not sure with choice and try to play with the small changes of the front of your rock planting and the exact position in the future pot.

Even the small changes of the position and front can cause a huge difference in the final appearance.

The new rock planting in the process of making, Notice how the base stabilize the stone even without a pot.

Once you will be done and you will find the best option and position for the rock planting in the pot use a marker to not lose the exact position.

In case the base will not fit into the pot in the desired position you can cut a disturbing piece with a power tool and adjust the shape of the base of the stone.

Then you find the best option to drill the holes into the pot for wires which will hold the stone on its place inside the pot. You will need the best strategical spots to secure the stone well, two wires are usualy enough. Sometimes will be not necessary to drill the holes, in case the drainage holes will be in the exact strategic positions where you need them for attaching the stone.

I recommend to have the holes as close to the base of the stone as possible - the wires will hold the stone much better.

I usually use strong steel wires to anchor the stone in the double line.

Last turn with the pliers and you are done.

New piece sitting in the pot. The base is totaly invisible , covered with soil mix and moss.

Thanks for reading and I hope this small tips and tricks will be helpful.

Cheers Jan

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