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How to attach a tree to the rock?

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

Have you ever try to create a rocklanting? Sometimes would be qutie complicated and difficult to figure out the best option how to attached a tree to the rock in the desired position, how to make it fast and without the compromise?

I have tried several techniques as "oldschool" plumber technique or drill a holes thru the stone, glued the wires to the rock, etc.

I think that the worst and risky technique is to glued the wires to the rock. It is very time consuming and usually the wires separates and breaks in the very last moment of attaching a tree. This usualy ruin entire composition and challenge ( at least my) mental health.

Here is a technic which work for me most, it is fast and secure and allows to attach a tree in a vertical and difficult spots on the rock easily. This technic never let me down yet.

The stones from our production are made of special composite mixture, especialy designed for creative needs, so it is very easy to drill the stones without any damage or danger of break. I simply drill a small hollow in to the rock and put a screw in to this small hollow.

The common screw, lenght 45mm

You will need to test the right size of a drill bit. It should be a little bit smaller than a diameter of the screw, let say the screw is 2mm thick so the drill bit you use will be 1,7mm in diameter.

Drilling a hole will take just a few seconds, you can use any type of drill bit of a right diameter.

It is not necessary to use entire lenght of the screw. I cut the screw for the right lenght very often.

with the right tool you cut a screw without problems to desired lenght.

Than you just simply put the screw inside. Leave a few milimeters of space for the wire. You can use aluminium or a stronger steel wire for a bigger trees.

Simply twist the wire in the base of the screw.

This technic alows you to create a really strong and funcional anchor point in very short time. You can work freely, fast and stay focused.

Put a few last turns and adjust and squeeze the wire between the stone and a screw head. Now is ready to hold a tree on its place.

I usualy make a one fork below of the rootball and one for on the top. Usually it is enough to attach a tree to the stone well.

Schematic picture of the screws and wires placement.

Steel wires ready to hold a tree

Thanks for reading and I hope this article will help to everybody.

Cheers ,


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