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Evolution of a collected Pinus sylvestris "Möbius"

This tree has been collected few years ago and planted in a large plastic container in a mixture of pumice and akadama of a larger grain 5-10mm. After a three years of a free growth and proper heavy fertilizing the tree gained strenght and vigor and has been repoted to the first ceramic bonsai pot with a quite heavy reduction of a rootball. Also the planting angle has been changed according a future desing idea. new angle helps to improve the main trunk line and created a stable wide base - always a good point to start thinking about a future styling, especially when you need to deal with a wiredly twisted trunk and long leggy branching.

In this picture is possible to see soil mixture and organic fertilizer- "cakes", combinated with liquid fertilizers every 7-10 days, watered by collected rainwater.

This was a starting point before any styling. Pine was a full of a good health and vigour and free growth after two seasons in a bonsai pot created naturally abundance of new foliage and better quality branching.

During a late summer 2017 the first very raw branch placement has been made. I used almost all the branches , let the tree speak itself and keep as much foliage as possible- it was still to early to thing about the reffined design idea. Most of the branches was too long and leggy, so the first styling was more about setting a frame for a future and expose all the branches to the sun for recieve more strenght and compact growth.

Here is a tree after unwiring during the late summer 2018. The green mass is obviously overgrown and too big, but tree produced new foliage and backbuding on the right spots on the branches and now is possible to easily remove and replace long leggy branches with a new much more compact foliage.

Pine during the second iteration in the workshop in late fall 2018.

All of a long unnecessary branches has been removed and the main structure has been improved. The upper part and apex is much more compact an closer to the trunk. The future planting angle has been improved as well by tillting the tree to the wiewer.

Here is the pine after a detail wireing, with a much more improved main structure and with a fine adjusted foliage pads. Now is possible to see the final image of a design idea. Every branch has enough space to recieve a sunlight to generate new foliage and backbudding and gets an oportunity to mature and create interesting character which enhance the overall design.

I wonder how this tree will evolve in the future and already excited to thing about the final pot and next refinement work.

Thanks for reading!

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